Компания NickWare Group занимается разработкой программного обеспечения и научными исследованиями во множестве различных областей.
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About NickWare Group

NickWare Group was founded on May 17, 2009. Company is engaged in software development and research in many different technological areas. NickWare Group creates solutions for mass audience and organizations, using its own achievements in the field of machine learning, cloud technology, high-performance computing, building storage and data protection systems, automation, as well as operating system maintaining.

NickWare Group philosophy

We are convinced that each person is created for great goals. It is in his nature to show curiosity, learn new things, gain knowledge and improve yourself. Our goal is not only to discover new things, but also to help others make our world a better place. Enthusiasm, craving for the unknown and perseverance – these are the real engines of progress. Man can do anything.
– Nickolay Babbysh, NickWare Group founder

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