Foundation of the company and development of the official website. First developments and researches.


Release NickWare HyperCore and NickWare GraphPower. The first commercial success of the company.


Release NickWare Quicker. «Hard’n’Soft» magazine publishes an article on the benefits of the software. NickWare Quicker includes into “Best Free Software of the Year 2011” category according to «Hard’n’Soft».


Release NickWare Essential 4. The first major commercial project. The owners of the licensed version of the program were several hundred users.

Release NickWare ProcTool.


Full redesign of the official site. Creating an original design.

Getting started NickWare Store.

Release NickWare Essential 5. The world’s first application of “cloud” technologies in the field of PC optimization.

NickWare SmartRetention Release. After the release of the second generation of the program, it was successfully presented at «St. Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation», the project took II place.


Third generation NickWare SmartRetention release.

NickWare Group participation in Google contests. Participation in presentations at Seliger 2014, the beginning of relationships with partners and investors.

Launch of own NickWare Spark Notion I. server. Research in the field of cryptography and cloud computing.

Transition to a unified NickWare Account system.


Creation of a new version of the official site.

Launching NickWare Refuge Closed Beta. The first use of technology for direct access to remote data (RDD).


Beginning of NickWare Refuge open beta. Presentation of developments at an English-language conference at the Baltic State Technical University “Voenmeh” named after D.F. Ustinov. Restarting the project.

The beginning of scientific activity.


Revision of company concepts. The first scientific successes, participation in scientific conferences and presentation of developments.


Official registration of the company in the Russian Federation. Continuation of scientific research, an interference model of a neural network is presented. The first open-source project was launched – the cross-platform library «Interference».